Sunday, 16 September 2012

Combining Old with New

You may know that recently I've been more focused on Dei Gratia, the worship duo that I am involved with, and not only that but I've started college to study Music, Music Tech, Performing Arts and French which means that I seem to be permanently plugged into some classical, baroque or opera music and I actually just finished a three hour study session listening to Bizet's Carmen.

In case you haven't realized from that summary of my shenanigans, all of this means that for the next few years I have to focus more on my classical playing; violin and singing, as opposed to my jazz/acoustic/folk etc. It doesn't mean that I'll be stopping! It just means that I may be here and there for a while. Aiming for music college requires a lot of dedication and I have to really put that in now.

However, let's just say I have some surprises planned :P
Keep a look out for me here and there...

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