Friday, 25 January 2013

Things That Bemuse Me #6: 'I hate xxxxx type of music so it is therefore ****'

We're almost all guilty of this in reality, whether you're so hipster you can't listen to 'popular music' because it 'all' sucks or whether music just isn't to your taste so you've decided that it's the devil in disguise and anybody who likes it is to be under no circumstances associated with you. The chances are that every reader of this blog has thought something like that at some point or another.

I'll admit, I do this all the time because I have a particular distaste for  the majority of Kpop which I shall perhaps cover in another post, not now. Though actually I normally just can't help but be vocal about it - especially with the bloomin' Gangnam style craze at the minute.

Recently though, with much prodding from my Tech teacher, I can't help but wonder if I need to learn/force myself to appreciate music that I wouldn't normally choose to listen to. Obviously, there are some bands that just are and always will be a load of shit but they are only specific bands and do not actually represent the entire genre as a whole.

 Within a genre there's generally likely to be at least one decent artist to somebody's ears and analysing that could be very useful to the modern self-promoting musician who wants to make a song to target a group of people. Or alternatively you could just use your analysis to judge a person, but that's not very nice.

At the end of the day music is art, and art is only beauty depending on the eye that perceives it. Just because you dislike something doesn't necessarily mean that there wasn't a single clever idea that went into it, and it doesn't mean that everything sounds exactly like that within a genre.
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