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Hits and Misses #1 ~ January 2013

Yes, I'm beginning a new series! In this series I will be posting a monthly roundup of what I've found brilliant and what I've been disappointed in with the hopes of finding like-minded people - or people to prove to me a reason to like something that I don't.

Without further ado, let us get to the list~



  • Paloma Faith's 'Fall To Grace' tour - I went to see this the other day despite my illness and I'm so very, very glad that I did. The whole show was so much more than music because of the way that it was ingeniously put together. I'll do a proper concert review within the next week so I won't spoil it, but I will say that anybody who hasn't been or isn't going is missing out big time because it was a work of pure art.
  • 'Breakaway' album by Elizabeth Mis - Okay, this might not be that new since it was released in October but I've been really super addicted to it this month. A friend introduced it to me and that was it, I was hooked. I mean, electropop and jazz, what could be more perfect? It's certainly a feel-good album that's ideal if you want to get your butt into shape or have something to groove to. Not that I'm doing that being ill but, I'm enjoying imagining to groove and exercise.
  • The announcement of Tegomass' new single Sayonara ni Sayonari! Yes, you have permission to call me a crazed fangirl as it hasn't actually come out and I'm already excited, but this news has really cheered up my January and I did my happy dance right around the house when I found out.


  • 'The Big Reunion' on ITV2 - I started watching this programme thinking that it would be good because some of the bands starred I knew from when I was growing up. Unfortunately, it just made them look like wankers, if you'll please excuse my language. I thought it might be insightful to watch as I thought it would give an impression of little mistakes that they made that caused them to crash and burn. Unfortunately it turns out that they weren't all so little, especially in the case of Five who were just complete and utter arseholes. I don't normally speak like this of people, but the programme just made me quite exasperated at the fact that people actually looked up to them despite the way that they behaved. Also, I was not impressed with the way that Simon Cowell was portrayed (As I said, I try to reserve judgment). If that was really him praising them for burning down a hotel room etc. then I'm darn well out of the music business as fast as possible. However, I will be watching the next episode but purely because I want to see how Atomic Kitten will portray themselves.

Reserved Opinion

  • Sitti's move from Warner Music PH to Universal Music PH - I truly believe that there are both pros and cons to Sitti's move. With her new label, I think that she will go back to her roots in Bossa Nova and do what she loves which is probably the best thing for her happiness and will definitely mean that she produces some brilliant music, but I'm not sure if this change back to her previous style will necessarily mean that she keeps all of her fans in the younger generations or worldwide as I think there is a lot of love for Pop-Bossa diva Sitti. Personally though, I'm looking forward to hearing what she'll do next and will support her all the way.



  • SCARVES - As people may well be aware, my non-pseudonymous self is a full time headcovering Catholic and as Astrid-Gwynedd on a super low key lazy day, the same applies. Normally I wear enough of a covering to be symbolic and fashionable but still retain my modesty (which is hard with bright pink hair), but recently I've learnt to appreciate the beauty of a full covering to keep me warm, remind me to be close to God and cover my roots. Needless to say, the rest of the things on my hits-list will be all scarf related. If you're not interested in scarves, kbye skip to the 'misses' below.
  • PrincessRockz online store - If you're a devout Catholic, don't have a go at me for buying from stores aimed at Islamic women because this is England and it's very hard to find wide scarves at a decent price that you can cover your head with without looking for Hijabs. Anyway, this store has such an amazing variety of scarves and they are so quick to respond to your order and ship your items that I'm going to buy from them again and again and again, and would encourage anybody to do so.
  • PinzPinzPinz online store - I won't go into detail too much here as I've been preparing a review to kick start my SugaryTwinkle Youtube channel, but I will tell you that if you're looking to add a little va-va-voom to your scarves or even clothing for whatever reason you should absolutely check out the brooches and general sparklies here.


  • The obligatory 'GEEK' shirt - I'm not going to turn around and say that these don't look good because that would be lying, they do on certain people, it's just more of a 'WTF WHY???!'. I don't understand the obsession with labeling yourself with what has been a derogatory term for the last goodness-knows-how-long. It doesn't make you look self-respecting, and the word itself is the opposite of cool so, why do it? If it's supposed to be 'standing up' to bullying, well why not stick a label over your chest that says 'I AM AGAINST BULLYING.'? It just strikes me as being another hipster inspired thing that has infiltrated pop culture so I'm afraid it's a miss for me.

Here endeth the post, I hope that if you've read all of this it's been some use to you, or interesting, or stupid, or comedic, or at least provoked some reaction like 'omg she's a lunatic *__*'. Whatever you thought, feel free to bitch or be nice about it in the comments until next time! :)

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