Sunday, 10 February 2013

The Sunday Review: Portrait (Josephine)

I mentioned in a previous post about Paloma Faith's 2013 tour, and her amazing support act Josephine. Since then, as I said, I have been constantly playing her album so I figured that this would be my review for the week.

Josephine (Oniyama) - Portrait
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Rating: 5/5

  1. When We Were Trespassers
  2. A Freak A
  3. Portrait
  4. Original Love
  5. I Think It Was Love
  6. What a Day
  7.  The Last Minute
  8. Pepper Shaker
  9. Pray That I Move 
  10. House of Mirrors

It's safe to say that this album has been very well put together. I don't think her music could be pidgeonholed into a specific genre so to speak but all of the songs compliment and contrast each other perfectly, and you could certainly not accuse the her of writing to a formula.

What I really love about this album is the use of real acoustic instruments and the way that everything compliments each other to create a really natural yet overwhelming musical experience. The mixing is amazing - I've yet to find out who was the technician behind this masterpiece, but what really is the most important for me is Josephine's natural talent and how she is so simply brilliant.

In all honesty I can not stress enough how beautiful I find the voice of Josephine Oniyama. It is the perfect mellow tone without being lifeless and is full of sparkle, and it's completely unique. I have never heard another voice with a combination like hers. If anybody could link me to one, go ahead and I'll stand corrected, but it won't take away from her amazing talent.

This album will undoubtedly be a February hit for me because there is a song for every occasion on it. There are melancholy songs that haunt you and make your spine tingle- 'When We Were Tresspassers', 'Pray That I Move', 'House of Mirrors' - there is a fantastic feel-good song, 'A Freak A', and songs that just make you want to get up and move such as 'Pepper Shaker' and 'What a Day'. All in all, this is an album you can keep coming back to and I think that everybody who appreciates raw talent should have a copy of this album.

A link to Josephine's single, What A Day, on Soundcloud for those who have never ecountered her before.

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