Wednesday, 29 August 2012

Galtres Festival 2012

The other weekend I endured the joy of sleeping two people to a one man tent and wrecking my back purely because it was my favourite time of the family year. No, I don't mean my birthday - that was two weeks ago. I mean that it was time for the best family outing I get every year, to the Galtres festival. This particular festival seems to be the only one where I can find decent vegetarian take-out food, but the food isn't all, only just a bonus.

Galtres has so much going on for family; unusual things - unless jousting and falconry are something you see everyday, a jam packed programme of workshops and entertainment for both children and adults as well as fantastic bands playing, which often introduces me to those I didn't know of before. If it wasn't for Galtres, I may never have even discovered Blackbeard's Tea Party.

I have to say, I was sad to see the Angel Gardens not there this year since I had a bet on with 'the Poi lady' that this year we'd have a spin off but busking, bands and the 'gyspy' gypsy tent kept me well occupied and entertained.

As far as acts go, there were some fantastic ones. Feeds, Ellen and the Escapades, The Happy Endings, Victoria Hume and Bootscraper are definite recommendations, and also Sarah Horn & James Cudworth who were in The Undecided last year absolutely captivated everybody with their fabulous folk music. Unfortunately for them, the paragliding photographer was making a distraction of himself whilst they played, but what else do you expect from this festival really?

I did enjoy all of the headline acts, apart from Adam Ant who I listened to for five minutes before deciding that I'm probably not the right age and don't have the right tastes to even begin to quite understand the appeal. (Sorry to any fans reading this!)

The highlight of Galtres for me was undoubtedly Ellen and the Escapades. I've been following them on Twitter for a while, but hadn't realized they were playing so I was quite surprised when I did and went to see them. Four words: vocally and instrumentally flawless.

One thing I've learnt though is that I'm starting to turn into a music snob, tearing other people's vocal technique apart in my head when in reality I have no right because I make the same mistakes. This doesn't bode well. I must switch off the Maureen Hunter voice from my head.

Anyway, until next year Galtres!

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