Saturday, 28 January 2012

FFS, not ANOTHER blog.

Yes, cyber space is swimming with these things. Places where random idiots can tell you about their miserable existance, or pathetic losers can try to 'instruct you' on how to make your life better. Well that's not what this is. This is my rambling space, yes, but it's not going to be patronizing or 'instructional'. I mean, flipping heck, there's nothing I could really instruct in if I tried. How to dress weirdly, maybe? How to be a sarcastic, opinionated person who thinks hipsters should be shot? No. There are many other people who do that better than me. However, I do need a place to vent at the ridiculous things in this world, so, here. I plan to document my *cough* rise to fame *cough* life journey and musical experience right here.

Maybe I should tell you a bit about myself? Hm, yeah. But then me, ew. Ew, me. Who would want to know me? Ew.

I'm known as Astrid-Gwynedd, a Jazz singer topping the Reverbnation charts in Hull, UK. Yes, I'm British and I Northern England FTW.  I'm Catholic and I believe that everybody in the world deserves to be treated equally regardless of skin colour, hair colour, religion or background - excluding ginger people and southerners :P

I like Classical music, Jpop, Jrock, a little Kpop, Jazz, Bossa Nova, Ska and Swing. I don't like Anime much, but I love Jdramas. Fashion wise, I like anything bright and unusual, japanese street fashions, goth fashion, basically anything that stands out a little.

So that's all you need to know about me. If you like me, read on. If you don't, please get the hell out of my web space.

*Please note, any hate I show against southerners is just a friendly joke. Currently, I am dating a half asian southerner, so obviously I am not a racist towards southerners.
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