Monday, 30 January 2012

Band Profile: Blackbeard's Tea Party

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Members: Dave Boston, Laura Barber, Martin Coumbe, Stuart Giddens, Tim Yates & Yom Hardy
Country: England
Hometown: York
Genres: Folk Rock /Folk/ Ceilidh
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Naturally I'm fond of this band because they're based in Yorkshire, but they happen to be fantastic too. I own both of their albums, have seen them live, and have a T-shirt. Yes I'm really that much of a fan. Anyway, I saw their performance at the Galtres Festival 2011 and I basically fell in love. As a violinist, Laura's performance inspired me completely. Even to non-players, jumping up and down whilst singing and playing long strings of never-ending quavers is certainly something interesting to watch. The interpretations of the traditional tunes are perfect, and fused with a bit of rock is certainly enough to make anybody want to dance. Out of all the bands that played at Galtres, I believed them to be the best. Their stage presence was electrifying.

They are available for events and of course, ceilidhs, and can form a smaller unit if necessary to accommodate whichever event or gig they are playing. Altogether they are a flexible group, and full of energy and life. Perfect listening for those who enjoy a bit of folk music. I highly recommend their new album, Tomorrow We'll Be Sober, which is available on Itunes.
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