Monday, 21 May 2012

Music Is My Relief

If I tell you I have a difficult week this week, I really mean it. I'm 15 so GCSE's are hitting me hard right now. I'm struggling to find the time to do anything. At least I know that I'll be out of school completely in four weeks, never ever to return.

The thing is, I'm bad at studying like many teenagers. I find it so difficult to get my head around the idea of sitting for long periods of time to learn. My mind races and I lose track too quickly. I swear that right now my life consists of studying, prayer and music. There's a lot of pressure on me to get my grades, since I want to obviously go to college and then study music at a conservatoire. I have a 'conditional' place at a college for next year, to study Performing Arts, Music and French, but I need the grades.

Perhaps this is just useless rambling, I just felt the need to vent somewhere and as today is my personal update day, I figured that I would do it here, in the hopes that if people think of me there might be a chance of me at least passing my subjects. For this random post, I do apologize.

To let you know what is up-and-coming:
-My choir tour to Venice!
-PledgeMusic campaign
-New covers (I'm taking requests if you have any)
-Interview with Blackbeard's Tea Party, right here.

Until next week's ramble, I assure you that this blog will be free from my venting, or personal life.

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