Monday, 30 April 2012

Things that Bemuse Me #1: The oxymoron that is... The Hipster

Everywhere I go I see wannabe hipsters, and it annoys the hell out of me. Not going to lie, I love how they dress, but what annoys me is that they look practically identical.


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If I am not mistaken, the whole point of being 'hipster' is to be different to everybody else - not 'mainstream'. In a way, I agree. I mean ew, who would want to be a mainstream skin-ginger-slag? The problem is though, they try to look different by looking the same. Baggy trousers, smart shoes, flattering tops shaped loosely, statement jewellery, 'unusual' died hair, piercings, hats, big glasses etc. This is not being 'different'. Not if every hipster looks like this.

Another thing that the stereotypical hipster does is look for music and hobbies that aren't 'mainstream'. For example bringing back the awesomeness that is reading, and searching out indie bands that 'nobody' knows. The problem being that all most of the hipsters listen to these bands, and therefore they cannot say that nobody knows them.

To clear one thing, I have no issue with hipsters. If you want to dress/act like that, what business is it of mine? Hell, pastel hair and piercings unf. I just feel like people take themselves far too seriously, and for what reason? Life is fun, enjoy living like an oxymoron, just understand that you are, indeed, making things mainstream.
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