Thursday, 8 March 2012

Artist Profile: Thisbe Vos

I sincerely apologise for the delay, things have been more than a little hectic, but I shall be coming up with a structured posting schedule soon.

Name: Thisbe Vos
Country: USA
Instrument: Vocals
Genre: Jazz
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The soothing vocals of Thisbe Vos leave you captivated and needing to hear more. Her voice is graceful yet raw and flawless, with a gorgeous tone to her voice that is similarly found in the jazz legend Ella Fitzgerald. This is hardly surprizing, as it is stated on her website that she draws her inspiration from her.

I can honestly say that she is one of the most incredible jazz singers in the modern times, most definitely in my favourites. Her voice is full of emotion and she showcases the songs perfectly. I have even dropped a tear or two listening to her, and that means something. If you love trad jazz, you should most definitely check her out. In fact, scrap that. Even if you don't like jazz, her performances will surely make you a fan. You're a fool if you don't go and listen.
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