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Get Glamorous #1

Hello and welcome to a new series of articles for SugaryTwinkle, ‘Get Glamourous’, in which we’ll take a look at the latest celebrity and red carpet trends, discuss them, and then try to recreate them for you - the average, non-celebrity human.

I’m Jennifer, your guide to all things glam. I’m a Fashion Design graduate and a red carpet and celebrity style enthusiast - I even wrote my dissertation on the power of celebrity style (I will try to keep this post under 10,000 words though. I promise).

Recently, the white dress has been making an impact on the red carpet. Exhibit A:

Angelina Jolie at the ‘World War Z’ premiere in Germany.

Let us ignore Brad Pitt, he is of little vintage-glamour-based interest, however Angelina’s white Ralph & Russo Couture dress is, and it is fantastic. I’m not normally a peplum fan, but this detail adds a much needed interest to what would otherwise be a basic white pencil dress. Well, that and the button detail down the back, and the metal panels which bring the 40s silhouette into the here and now.

But it’s not the only white dress on the red carpet of late - check out Exhibit B: Taylor Swift and Dita von Teese.

Now, I know TSwift’s everyday style isn’t really what you’d call ‘vintage glamour’, and Dita’s dress is off-white at best, but stick with me here. These are pure ‘30s screen siren’ dresses. Draped and flowing. Also you might have noticed that they’re at the same event. I call that a trend, don’t you?

Luckily, the high street offers lots of options for white everything this season, including dresses. If you’re looking for jersey pieces, something more casual or something for the holiday season, a quick search for ‘white dress’ on you favourite online store should throw up something - but we’re looking specifically for an Angelina-esque ‘fitted dress with added interest’.

From River Island, ASOS, Zara and Cos, respectively. 

Said interests include embossing, pleats or shoulder pads here. I think the ASOS dress is the closest to Angelina’s look, but I’ve included some plainer options anyway - if you have nowhere to wear these except to, say, work, then plain is probably what you need, yes?

It's all in the accessories, anyway. The basic black 'skinny' belt around the ASOS dress adds some interest as well as providing a nod to the current monochrome trend, but if you’re dedicated to the look you’ll not be hard pressed to find a belt with metal accents. I’m trying not to dip into the ASOS well too often but really they’re your one-stop-shop for that sort of thing - including in the Curve range - and lots of these styles come in black or beige. Here is also where you can get the peplum detail, but won’t be stuck with it when it inevitably falls out of style again!

All ASOS/ASOS Curve, other than the middle belt bottom line, River Island.

I shan’t put together an image of white court shoes - partly because I run far from such styles, being as I am an (almost) Geordie woman and not wishing to submit to that stereotype, but if you are that way inclined (and don’t let me put you off) almost every high street shop has white shoes this season, and in a range of styles and prices.

Unfortunately for everyone involved, it would be altogether too expensive for the high street to provide a dress with buttons all the way down the back, even if just for decoration. If you’ve a mind for customisation, you can get covered buttons on ebay for a couple of pounds, depending on how many you need. 

As for the floaty, screen siren look, I’ve found a few options - some casual and summery, some a little more dressy.

From ASOS Marketplace, New Look, Religion and H&M, respectively

Firstly, a sidenote: if you’re looking for something a little special, a little out of the ordinary, I do recommend ASOS Marketplace. This was the first time I’ve really looked at what people are selling there, and the range of white dresses, even vintage wedding dresses, was fantastic.

Another? In my search for high street looks there were a number that were not unlike the Religion number, but there’s a tendency for very sheer skirts with a jersey mini ‘lining’ and split to the thigh. I avoided these - the Religion dress does have a knee high split, but there seems to be a lot of fabric in the skirt (which explains the price!) to conceal it.

As for accessories, both Taylor and Dita could well be bare-footed under there (might I recommend a metallic sandal, while the weather is hot enough?), but the jewellery, namely Taylor’s big button earrings and Dita’s gold bangle are simple and attenion-grabbing. Here are a few high street and vintage options.

Clockwise from top: eBay (*current auction price), Topshop,Miss Selfridge, eBay (Buy It Now, from USA), Topshop, Topshop, Miss Selfridge

A final bonus, because I recognise that not a single dress above has sleeves, and also because I thought this dress was adorable, if a) a little pricey and b) only available in petite, apparently:

ASOS, surprise, surprise!
Photo Credits: PR Photos | Author: Jennifer Broom

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